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New Parent – Give yourself a deeply relaxing rest from parenting and become a calmer, more confident parent


New Parent – Give yourself a deeply relaxing rest from parenting and become a calmer, more confident parent

You've survived nine months of pregnancy and experienced the excitement and intensity of labor and the delivery itself. Surely that's the hard bit done with?

Then you're back home with your baby. You are a new parent and you feel as if you don't know what you are doing. Where are the instructions?  It's just at this point that you can have a crisis of confidence.

Being a new parent can be tough. Suddenly feeling responsible for another life, maybe doubting that you are ‘good enough' to be a new parent and adjusting to a new kind of life stretches the best of us. It's easy to assume that parenting will ‘just come naturally.' But for many of us it's a huge shift.

Practical considerations for new parents

Of course there are practical steps you can take to make life as a new parent easier. Consider recruiting help from family and friends and don't be shy to ask for advice or help from people who have been there before. And of course ask your hospital if they can provide any help such as expert guidance from people who can instruct you on feeding or changing. This sounds basic but it's amazing how many people forget these simple but effective steps.

Many new parents feel they should just ‘know' what to do. Why? We all have to learn and become better at any new role we are given in life.

Perfectionism and the new parent

Some new parents feel as if they ‘aren't good enough' or capable enough to cope with the sudden responsibility of being a new parent. As a new parent you are not supposed to ‘be perfect' or to know everything. How could you? Here are some reassuring facts:

  • No parent is ‘perfect'.
  • It's natural to become tired, irritable, even bored looking after your baby sometimes – this doesn't mean you are a ‘bad parent.'
  • You won't be a ‘new parent' for long – pretty soon you'll have a child not a baby.
  • Everything changes – it's not for ever.
  • There are pleasures and joys to parenting that you are yet to discover.
  • This new parent hypnosis session will get you feeling relaxed and calm about being a new parent.

Download New Parent now and start feeling confident and calm about your relationship to your new baby.

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