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Time Distortion – Learn hypnotic techniques that let you alter your experience of time


Time Distortion – Learn hypnotic techniques that let you alter your experience of time

What would you do with time distortion if you knew how to do it?

you save it up for a ‘rainy day'? Or would you set about altering how you experience time – right now?

Common experiences of altered time

Of course, you've already had experiences of altered time. Everyone knows what it's like when your subjective experience of a certain period of time feels remarkably shorter – or longer – than the clock says it is.

As everyone knows, time flies when you are enjoying yourself, and drags on forever when you're not, rushing past when you're on holiday, slower than a slow slow snail when you're stuck in a traffic jam.

A somewhat different experience of a changed sense of time often occurs in hypnosis. When a hypnotherapist induces trance, the subject's awareness of time becomes hazy and they think that more (or less) time has passed than is actually the case. Skilled hypnotherapists utilize this hypnotic phenomenon to facilitate deep change in a surprisingly short space of time.

Learning to change the way you experience time

But not everyone knows that you can learn to deliberately expand or shrink time perception in yourself and in others. The benefits are immediately obvious.

How lovely it would be to stretch out that all-too-short vacation so that every second seemed like a minute. How wonderful if that all-too-long procedure in the dentist's chair went by in a flash… But just how do you learn to control time perception?

Using hypnosis to master the art of time distortion

The Time Distortion hypnosis session allows you to both experience hypnotic fluidity in time and learn how to direct that fluidity in desirable ways.

Whether this is your first encounter with hypnosis or whether you are an experienced practitioner of the art, this deeply relaxing and engaging session will enable you to discover and develop the time bending skills you didn't even know you had.

As you take time out to listen repeatedly to this fascinating session, you'll discover how to relax yourself into a powerful ‘learning mode' where you can really hone your skills. And you'll master vital techniques to enable you to deploy what you learn about the malleability of time whenever you want to experience things differently.

Download Time Distortion hypnosis now and become a real life Time Lord! You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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