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Creative Problem Solving –


Creative Problem Solving –

Creative problem solving is one of those skills that just won't be forced. The harder you try, the poorer your creative problem solving skills become.

The evidence is plain – how did Einstein come up with his theory of relativity – by bashing his head against a wall? No! In a daydream where he imagined surfing along a light beam!

And modern research backs this up – the more stressed you become and the more time pressure you feel, the worse you are at solving problems creatively.

But in today's workplace, those who can generate the most effective creative ideas are often the best rewarded; so how can you improve your creative problem solving skills without getting stressed about it?

How hypnosis gives the ultimate creative boost

You are at your(1) most creative when you are relaxed. Your most incredible creativity occurs when you are asleep – when you dream. At these times, your brain creates three-dimensional, multi-sensory experience in real time! Imagine you had to do that while awake!

And this is why hypnosis is so effective for boosting your creative problem solving and brainstorming skills. You can access that dream state to order! Just have a good think about the problem you're trying to solve then switch on your Creative Problem Solving download and let your unconscious mind take care of the rest. Try it now – you'll be astounded…


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