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Feeling Down – How hypnosis can help you gently let go of pervasive worry and relax into a better everyday mood


Feeling Down – How hypnosis can help you gently let go of pervasive worry and relax into a better everyday mood

We all feel down or ‘blue' sometimes, and is perfectly normal.

Like when you return from a fantastic holiday and the hum-drum of everyday life is a stark contrast to sipping cocktails on a verandah whilst watching the sun-set. Or maybe you're particularly tired after a period of caring for others whilst you are not in 100% health.

The everyday blues happens to just about every one once in a while. It might hit you, seemingly from no where and you feel a bit down, or perhaps it's the weather or time of year. No matter why you sometimes get the blues it would be useful to learn how to get out of it quickly.

The blues is not depression

We are not talking about clinical depression here, where you feel hopeless and downcast for weeks on end but just feeling down maybe a bit more than you'd like.

If you feel terrible much of the time then you may be depressed and need to talk to someone who can advise you how to get the best possible help. If you think you might be depressed then you could look at our Depression Treatment Program for a full depression recovery program.

When you're feeling blue, you might beat yourself up for ‘no reason' and have negative thoughts telling yourself you're no good or have failed in some way or that ‘nothing ever works out or will work out!'

A way out of the blues

Feeling low is often a result of too much worry. Worry is actually energy consuming and when you have worried too much you can actually wear yourself down from it which is the ‘down' feeling of the blues.

When you're down it's good to have a strategy rather than just putting up with it. This download can help you form a strategy  to get you out quickly and change your mood again to one of being more up beat and optimistic.

Download Beat the Everyday Blues now and relax while you learn how to let go of exhausting worries and niggles. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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