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Quick off the Blocks –


Quick off the Blocks –

You've trained, you've worked out, and you've eaten all the right foods – but somehow your start lets you down.

Being quick off the blocks is crucial in any sprint race. So many otherwise-great sprinters are let down by their start, and many sprinters find that pre-race tension puts them off performing at their best.

Every sprinter knows that a lightning start can win you the race. The Quick off the blocks hypnosis download will focus your unconscious mind to produce the best sprint start for you – every time. And being reliably great is what sets the real track stars apart from people who just might do well.

As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the professionals just get better. Your start needs to be incredibly fast and forceful. Almost as if you and the explosion from the starting pistol are one and the same.

In Quick off the blocks we aim to tune up your instinctive response to the start so that you are propelled into the quickest take-off of your life.

But we don't stop at the start! The whole race is targeted because, of course, your start is indivisible from your performance as a whole.

Download Quick off the blocks below and be the best you can be.

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