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Be More Self Reliant – Connect with your strengths, trust in your judgement, and carve your own path in life


Be More Self Reliant – Connect with your strengths, trust in your judgement, and carve your own path in life

Do you find yourself relying on others too much?

Would you like to take fuller responsibility for your life?

There's nothing wrong with seeking help from others. We humans have evolved to live as a society, wherein we each contribute certain strengths. It's only natural to let others assist when they really are better qualified for a certain task, or when you're feeling overwhelmed. But if you rely on others too heavily, you are effectively handing over the reins to your own life.

How often do you look to others for assistance or reassurance? Are you confident making your own decisions, or do you always find yourself looking for external validation? Does your confidence spiral if you don't get praise and approval from others? Is your path being determined by your own decisions, or other people's?

Often, a lack of self-reliance can stem from a belief that your skills, knowledge, or intelligence are inferior. If you feel that others are more of an authority on things than you are, then it's only natural that you would turn to them for guidance and support. And in some domains of life, it does make sense to consult an expert. For example, when you're really sick, you should absolutely see a doctor.

But when it comes to your own life, you are the expert. Nobody understands your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, values, and desires like you do. So when it comes to making decisions about your life, you should have the final say. And you should trust in your capability to make the right decisions.

You are already more self-reliant than you realize

Each of us has an innate urge for independence, to create our own path in life. We all have an inbuilt capacity for self-reliance. But our life experiences can sometimes knock our confidence and cause us to lose sight of this.

Maybe you've made a couple of decisions that didn't turn out quite as you'd hoped, but that doesn't mean you're inherently bad at making decisions. So you're not perfect. You've got that in common with everyone else!

You are already self-reliant in many ways, and becoming more self-reliant is simply a matter of building on that existing capacity. By developing your self-awareness, recognizing your strengths, and practicing the art of decision making, bit by bit you will begin to trust in yourself more deeply as you take greater responsibility for yourself and your life.

How hypnosis can develop self-reliance

Be More Self-Reliant is an audio hypnosis session that will help you to connect with your strengths, trust in your judgement, and carve your own path in life.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Are less concerned with the opinions of others
  • Look to your own strengths and values when making decisions
  • Are more confident and sure of yourself
  • Feel a greater sense of control over your own life.

Download Be More Self-Reliant now and start creating the future you deserve. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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