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Be More Professional – Adopt the mindset and behaviors of the true professional using hypnosis


Be More Professional – Adopt the mindset and behaviors of the true professional using hypnosis

Do you sometimes say things at work that you think might damage your career chances?

Do you wonder if you need to be more professional about what you do?

Nobody really regrets the passing of the stiff formalities and strict dress and behavior codes that used to govern both working and social life. It's great that now people can be more relaxed and natural with each other, and there's no doubt that the advent of the internet and instant communication has hastened and eased this change. And a good thing, too.

But it's unwise to assume that this now means that anything goes, anywhere.

Why it matters to be more professional

The distinction between our public roles as working people, engaged in some kind of business activity or official service, and as private individuals, relating to our own families and personal social circle, is still an important one. It makes a difference to us all to know that we are dealing with someone who is ‘on duty', and that we can therefore assume that certain standards will be adhered to, or that certain tasks will automatically be taken care of.

We often rely on an external indicator, like a uniform, to tell us who we are dealing with. We identify the police officer, the nurse, the bus conductor and others by what they wear. When we see that uniform, we expect certain things. In other cases, we rely not on a specific uniform, but on a certain standard of dress, a certain manner of behavior, to indicate that this person is in ‘work mode' and we can expect them to act accordingly.

Is being professional nothing more than a fa├žade?

It's quite true that these are all conventions. Fronts. Pretenses. In themselves, they tell you nothing about the person. Anyone can wear a uniform, or a suit, or act formally, and none of that, in itself, is a guarantee that you can rely on them in any way. It is true that it's always results that count in the end. What did they actually do? What was the real outcome? Was it satisfactory or unsatisfactory?

Nonetheless, when you look at successful people in the working world, no matter what field they are in, it's clear that they have something in common. They pay as much attention to how they present themselves, how they come across, how they conduct themselves, as they do to making sure that what they do is of the very highest standard. Their ‘front' is not a front at all, but the outward expression of their inner attitude.

What does it take to be more professional?

Other people recognize this, which is why these successful people get the respect that they do. And if you wish to emulate their success, what better way than to emulate their approach, inwardly and outwardly?

But changing gear from an informal, laid-back, easy-going approach to your working life and focusing on being more professional in how you present yourself and how you handle your work is not always easy, as we are all creatures of habit and find it hard to get out of our ruts. But there is a way to make it easier.

Hypnosis can make it so much easier for you to be more professional

Be More Professional is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that uses the powers of your unconscious mind to help you break old habits and establish new and more useful ones.

As you listen repeatedly to your download, you will find yourself effortlessly absorbing and integrating the principles that underlie true professionalism. You'll notice that you

  • feel an increasingly powerful urge to take your life forward
  • commit completely to excellence and accountability
  • clearly differentiate between your private and working life
  • take more time and care over how you present yourself
  • are less ready to tolerate sloppiness in yourself or others
  • feel a growing sense of achievement as things begin to change for the better

Download Be More Professional and see just how far you can take it.

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