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Be More Playful – Relax and remember how to have fun


Be More Playful – Relax and remember how to have fun

What is the secret of ‘play'?

What exactly are children doing when they ‘play'? Anyone who has observed small children at play knows that play is very serious business indeed, while also being huge fun. What characterizes children's play is a total openness and exploratory attitude. Children are free of rigid thinking. They never write off ideas as ‘ridiculous' or ‘impossible'. They will ‘play' freely with ideas and invent amazing ways to do things.

What happened to the playfulness you once had?

It's only later, when we are put through the conforming mill that constitutes the average educational experience, that our playfulness is squashed out of us. We are taught that fun things can't be serious or important. Did you know that small children laugh 400 times a day? And adults only twelve times? What's that about? What has happened to us?

What has happened is that the source of our creativity has been bricked up. It requires a lot of effort to resist the pressures to conform, to become just another member of the rat race, getting our fun only through approved channels such as the baseball game and the television and the game console. And this means that in our personal and working lives we are not the creative thinkers and problem solvers that we could be.

And we have a lot less fun than we could have.

What the world needs now is more playfulness

Imagine what would happen if we could recover the playfulness that was once our birthright! We would just naturally find ourselves thinking ‘out of the box'. We would lose the hidebound predictability that confines us. We would find ourselves coming up with all sorts of new ideas to enhance our lives and the lives of others. But how can an adult (who has put away childish things) become more playful?

Getting your playfulness and creativity back again

Well, the spring of playfulness may have been bricked up, but the good news is that it doesn't run dry. And you can use the power of hypnosis to help yourself unblock the flow of playfulness in your life and begin to enjoy again the free exploration of possibility that you once knew.

Be more playful is an audio hypnosis session which will teach you how to generate that relaxed, open mind which is the ground where creativity blooms. You will learn the skills of deep relaxation and visualization (essential tools of play, as you can see when you watch children).

As you listen to Be more playful, your unconscious mind will be inspired to retrieve all the fundamental aspects of play that you took for granted when young, without knowing what they were. And you will learn how to restore playful creativity into your own personal life, for the benefit of yourself and others.

Download Be more playful and get ready to enjoy yourself more than you thought possible.

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