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Be Less Materialistic – Use hypnosis to break the addictive habit of consumption for excitement and status


Be Less Materialistic – Use hypnosis to break the addictive habit of consumption for excitement and status

Does having the smartest phone or magazine-perfect house guide your life?

Are your possesions becoming more important than your family and friends?

Trying to be less materialistic is quite a challenge. The cultural history of the developed world has seen materialism sweeping the globe like some kind of epidemic. It's not just a matter of individual lifestyle choices. The economies and cultures we live in actively promote materialism as a sort of ‘higher good' for the whole of society. If you don't participate, you are seen as letting the side down and not supporting the economy.  ‘Affluenza' affects us all.

Materialism – good and bad

The argument seems plausible at first sight. If you buy ‘stuff', you are supporting the jobs and livelihoods of others. That seems like a good thing, and it is a good thing. But like everything else in life, when taken to extremes, it starts turning bad, and we all (buyers and sellers) suffer (and so does our planet, as we are constantly reminded these days).

Advertising bombards us every hour of every day, and politicians want us to spend out way out of recession. We are like the famous Pavlov's dogs – conditioned to go out and buy, buy, buy, whether we need to or not.

How to escape from materialism

But you are not really a dog and the fact that you are reading this indicates that you have already seen through the materialism mind-set and are actively looking for ways to redress the balance in your life. If you've been living a life shaped by materialistic concerns, you will already be aware how strong a grip it has on you, and how hard it is to shift your mindset and behaviors into a healthier pattern.

Just as you were unconsciously drawn in to the patterns of materialism, you can deploy your unconscious skills and intelligence to develop healthier patterns more in line with your true life principles. And by far the most effective and powerful way to do this is by using hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you be less materialistic

Be less materialistic is an audio hypnosis session which uses the very latest understanding of how our brains build patterns of behavior and incorporate them into out ‘world view'. While you relax very deeply, Be less materialistic takes you on a powerful inner journey of change.

As you listen to Be less materialistic, you will not hear any preaching or moralizing. Instead, you will find yourself exploring some fascinating questions about the freedoms and constraints you operate under, and about your real needs as a human being. You may be surprised at the conclusions you draw.

Download Be less materialistic and take back control of your own life.

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