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Therapist Burnout – An audio download designed to protect yourself from overload


Therapist Burnout – An audio download designed to protect yourself from overload

Are all those clients with all those problems weighing you down more than they should?

Does it feel that you should be able to ‘fix' yourself but can't?

If you are already experiencing burnout and are looking for help, see our Burnout Therapy download. If you want to discover how to train in avoiding therapist burnout – read on!

Being a therapist is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. People come to you with seemingly insoluble difficulties, and with your help they begin to find ways through, round or over what had seemed insurmountable obstacles. Their lives change. (Not all of them, of course. You're not a miracle worker.) But satisfying though it is, therapy work is not immune from ‘work-related stress'.

What are the sources of burnout for therapists?

There are three main reasons why therapists can find themselves getting over-exhausted and emotionally weighed down in connection with their work. The first is workload (just like any other job). By definition, therapists want to help, but enthusiasm can lead them to try to see too many clients. Therapy is demanding work, and it's important to find ways of ‘refuelling' and keeping a healthy balance.

The second reason is the nature of the clients. We are all affected by the people we associate with, and if you're always associating with people who are stuck in the clouds of depression and anxiety, it's easy to get ‘infected' by their gloom and doom. Even if you know all about how depression and anxiety work. A therapist who hasn't trained in how to ‘inoculate' themselves can soon find themselves in difficulties.

The third source of trouble might be termed personal mismanagement. Therapists (good therapists) devote a great deal of time to helping their clients get their basic needs (for attention, security, stimulus, connection, meaning, and so on) met in healthy and positive ways. But sometimes even the best therapists forget that they need to meet their own basic needs healthily. Which is to say, somewhere other than in their therapy room.

Hypnosis can help you quickly learn how to avoid therapist burnout

Training in self-protection, empathic objectivity, boundary setting and self care will make you a better – and safer – therapist.

Avoid therapist burnout is an audio hypnosis session developed specifically for therapists and offers you exactly this kind of training. In an effective and powerful format.

As you listen repeatedly to your download, you will find that you

  • regularly relax deeply and completely (therapeutic in itself)
  • develop a clearer sense of the boundaries between yourself and your clients
  • begin to devise effective strategies for managing your sessions to the benefit of your clients and of yourself
  • start to take better care of yourself all round
  • become even more effective and professional in your work with others

Download Avoid therapist burnout and enjoy being a therapist even more.

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