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Arthritis Pain Relief –


Arthritis Pain Relief –

If you suffer with arthritis, you might be wondering how hypnosis can be used for pain relief. Arthritis pain relief is much the same as any other using hypnosis, but focused on diminishing the long-term pain arthritis causes.

Using your mind for pain relief

Hypnosis can help you achieve relief from arthritis pain by teaching you how to use your mind to lower the amount of pain you perceive. Think about it – if someone can undergo a surgical operation under hypnosis, isn’t it likely that you could get relief from arthritis pain too?

How hypnosis reduces pain

Studies have shown that when hypnosis is used for anesthesia – that is, total removal of pain, the pain signals are still generated at the nerve endings, but they are not ‘acted upon’ by the brain. Or in other words, the brain simply ignores the pain signals.

Hypnosis can create arthritis pain relief through a variety of methods such as metaphor, scaling and dissociation. This download will help you train your mind so that you are able to ‘switch on’ your pain relief skills at will.

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