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Love Life – Internalize new positive attitudes with the help of hypnosis
Be More Spontaneous – Hypnosis can help you reconnect with your intuition
Stop Wasting Time – Why to use hypnosis to motivate yourself to get moving!
Eyes of a Child – Let hypnosis rejuvenate your perspective and be child-like, not childish
Life’s Journey – Use hypnosis to get more out of your life experience right now
Stuck in a Rut – Hypnosis can help you change your life
Your Life Story – Hypnosis can help you take a whole new look at what you’re really about and who you really are
Supercharged Smell – Hypnotically train your brain to be more sensitive to scents
Supercharged Hearing – Hypnotically train your brain to hear more
Supercharged Taste – Hypnotically train your brain to pick up the subtlest flavors
Supercharged Sight – Hypnotically train your brain to see more
No Regrets – A powerful hypnosis audio to stop self-recrimination and move on
Find Your Passion – Let hypnosis reveal what your purpose here really is
Have More Fun – Anticipation of a good laugh produces feel good chemicals and reduces stress – hypnosis can help make having fun a habit
Be the life and soul of the party – Use hypnosis to stop being a wallflower and give your party spirit wings
Stop and Smell the Roses – Update your unconscious patterns to focus on what’s happening right now
Seize The Day – Develop the unstoppable motivation to stop dreaming and start acting with hypnosis
Meaning of Life – Use your inner mind to find the meaning of life – your life
Try New Things – A hypnosis audio to help push past your personal boundaries