How hypnotherapy could help you

Learn about how hypnosis, or more specifically how hypnotherapy could help you, or a family member or friend. Hear why specialist hypnotherapist Wendy Gadsby says she loves what she does.

In celebration of five years of helping people, we made this short video to share with you what Make Changes is all about.

Wendy has now helped hundreds of people just like you with issues of all sorts. From mostly working in our specialty areas of Quitting Smoking, Losing Weight, Overcoming things like PTSD, Anxiety or Depression or IBS, to things like Fear of Public Speaking, Phobias, Chronic Pain. So many issues are able to be overcome with the effective tools of NLP & Hypnosis the list could be endless.

On the video Wendy explains “I practice from the western suburbs of Melbourne. I can practice just as effectively face to face as around the world online. My business name is Make Changes and that's exactly what I do”.

“I help people just like you to get unstuck out of the old self sabotage patterns and loops”.

People usually know what they want and what they should do.

They just need some support to make it happen.  I work together with you one on one. Using the totally natural and extremely effective tools of NLP and Hypnosis to create rapid and life long changes.

I also teach you strategies and tools so that you can keep and use them on your own, now and into the future.

Clients that have changed their lives, people just like you are often happy to share a few words on what hypnotherapy was like for them and you can find some of those stories here.

If you're ready to Make Changes contact us here or simply call 1800 760 249. It will be the one call you're glad you made.


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