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“I don’t have enough time to exercise” is what we tell ourselves. It sounds believable. I used to say it too.

Too much to do, too little time. Does that sound like you? Especially at this time of year.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) isn’t new and has become more widely known in recent years. I came across this story and thought it was worth sharing with you. It's on both HIIT and also the many benefits to our health that can come with it.


Check out this ABC Catalyst story from September 2015. It talks about an adaptation of the Wingate test. It’s pretty much 30 seconds of intense exercise (you chose what if you were to do it), with a 4-5 minute rest. Repeat 4-6 times. 3 sessions per week with rest days in between. There are links to a couple of other versions of HIIT within the article as well.

Fit in 6 Minutes
Can 6 minutes a week really help you get fit?

Short burst exercise is something I’ve been advocating for a few years now as just one part of the Reach Your Ideal Weight program I take people through. This story makes the same point: it’s possible to make a big impact in a short amount of time. Fitting exercise into your lifestyle doesn’t have to take hours, and the benefits far outweigh any obstacles re the time required to be put in (or excuses you tell yourself!).

Ideally you would include some other regular activity (that you enjoy!) into your life and of course eat mostly whole, real foods to get the full benefits – which are many.

Naturally if you haven’t exercised for a while, or have current health issues, see your exercise/health professional before you start any new (especially intense) exercise and get the OK. Listen to your body. There’s no point overdoing things, injuring yourself or causing other issues.

If you feel like you need some support with mindset to help you get going to get into shape, or stay on track if you chose to give this a go, that’s where hypnotherapy fits in.

Combined with NLP these are both great tools to help with weight and in countless other areas. We bypass conscious willpower and get the different parts of your mind working together to make lasting change all that much easier. Contact me via this link, for a chat, or call 1800 760 249  if you’d like to discuss how I could help.

So grab a cuppa, watch the story or read the article. Let me know what you think.

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