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Effective, lasting, affordable and proven clinical hypnotherapy techniques

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Smash the Pillars of Anxiety in 30 days or less


Program Features and Benefits:

  • 4 Weeks Online Interaction (over 30 days – why wait longer to feel better?) 
  • 2 Individual Catch up Chats (On registration and mid program)
  • Private Facebook Group (allowing you to engage with the group)
  • Weekly Zoom Group Calls (connection and collaboration)
  • Hypnosis / Relaxation Recordings (So you can listen, then re-listen in your own time)
  • Weekly Exercises & Activities (you'll be able to see your own progress)
  • Workbook (allowing you to refresh, review and learn at your own pace and refer to later on)


Program will include:

  • What to STOP doing and what to START doing
  • MISTAKES to avoid when feeling stressed
  • The FOUNDATIONS to a more BALANCED life
  • How you can IMPLEMENT and create worthwhile changes using these Practical and Effective Tools, Suggestions and Supplemental Ideas IMMEDIATELY.
  • Regardless of what you do or don't believe, what is real, what isn't real. 
  • Recent interruptions to our ‘usual' lives are real.. 
  • What we decide to do going forward is real. 
  • Ways to better manage this time are real as well.


How to manage Stress

  • Manage Opportunity to learn how to respond (to those feelings, stress hormones and responses) better 
  • Improve first, then 
  • Eventually Overcome
  • Loss of Freedom, loss of or reduction of choice?

Our body responds to what we imagine (the threat we imagine), just in the same way it responds to what is actually happening. A real threat is easy enough to deal with. i.e. move away / make a change.. An imagined one can be harder. 

If you are ready to stop stalling or struggling and get back to thriving and growing, take the first step now by signing up and join us in this program and journey towards feeling better today.


Guarantee of Value  = Risk Free 

If you fully participated in program activities etc and are unhappy with the value of the program and feel you received no benefit from it by end of Week 3. Provide Feedback on Why. Full Money paid will be refunded. No further questions asked.

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